Body Cover Concealer Foundation – 6 Shades


Spatter Body Cover & Concealer Foundation offers 6 shades with high HD coverage. Find as per your skin tone. Formulated best for Indian skin tones, it hides imperfections flawlessly.

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Best Body Cover Concealer Foundation

Blend-Blend-Blend. Want overall radiance, throughout your body? It’s time for you all to shift your focus from your face and skin towards your body. Let your body shine like a sparkle. And for that, you need to cover all your imperfections and conceal your body with foundation. As we know, Body painting is one the most fascinating art forms in the world. People love Concealer Foundation and they are naturally drawn to it. So before you begin with the art of body painting, apply foundation to all your body. Beauty Relay presents Spatter Body Cover & Concealer Foundation which is ideal for a flawless looking, full body coverage finish.

Body Cover Concealer Foundation

Concealer Foundation lightweight formula easily glides on to the skin resulting in an instantly soft, silky and smooth feel. Concealer Foundation blends perfectly on to the skin and erases pores and fine lines. The formulation has Vitamin-E, Vitamin C, Cranberry Seed Oil and Yuzu Seed Oil. Cranberry seed oil in the formulation repairs the skin by fighting acne scars and helps in cell regeneration, elasticity and hydration. Yuzu seed oil in the foundation helps protect against sun damage, reduce hyper-pigmentation and boost collagen formation.

Benefits Of Body Cover Concealer Foundation

To get your skin looking and feeling fresh in no time at all, you definitely need to have this product in your makeup essentials. Spatter Body Cover and Concealer Foundation, as the name suggests covers all your flaws.st.

Spatter Body Cover & Concealer Foundation is the perfect solution for covering up any of your unwanted skin imperfections while providing you with a smoother-looking base for other make-up..

Body Cover Concealer Foundation

The high-coverage formulas help blur imperfections and create a smooth finish to the legs, arms, and décolletage.

Thanks to its specially selected ingredients, including Yuzu seed oil and cranberry seed oil, this concealer foundation keeps your skin moisturized all day long while still letting it breathe.

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1 Box of Body Cover Concealer Foundation


12 x 5 x 5 cm


50 ml

92% Users Noticed More Better Look

95% Users Noticed That Its Hide Black heads

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How To Use

  • Step 1 : Apply it in thin layers all over your body. For buildable coverage, apply with a flat foundation brush or sponge.


  • Because all of our products are made with natural components, the colour and aroma may vary without affecting their performance.
  • We strongly advise performing a patch test to rule out any adverse reactions.
    If you see any signs of an allergic reaction, discontinue using the lotion and see a dermatologist.
  • All photos are for demonstration purposes only; actual outcomes may differ.
  • Keep the product in a cool, dry location.

Item In Package

1 Box of Face Flaming Diva Sindoor

Yuzu Seed Oil Helps protect against sun damage, reduce hyper-pigmentation and boost collagen formation

Lemon oil - Beauty Relay India
castor oil - Beauty Relay India

Cranberry Seed Oil Repairs the skin by fighting acne scars and helps in cell regeneration, elasticity and hydration

Vitamin C Reduce the appearance of pigmentation, covers blemishes and imperfections

tea tree oil - Beauty Relay India
vitamin e - Beauty Relay India

Vitamin-E Enhances the basic production of protein collagen tasked with maintaining the elasticity of the skin


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