Cashew Nut Scrub Gently Reduce Acne – 180 Gm

Cashew Nut Scrub gently cleanse the skin. This natural face scrub also helps to relieve dry and sensitive skin.

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This Cashew Nut Scrub for face Detoxifies and Hydrates

Just like cleansing, toning, and moisturizing, scrubbing also occupies a significant place in our beauty regimen. Exfoliation of the skin can prevent many skin problems. With so many different types of facial scrubs and body scrubs available in the market, exfoliating your skin is not a difficult task at all. Just invest in the right kind of scrub, based on your skin type and your beauty needs. Use gentle circular motions and watch your scrub working wonders on your skin. Flaky skin gives rise to dry patches. It allows dead cells accumulate over time. Mr Nuts Selenium Zinc Cashew Nut Scrub can help you deal with flaky skin effectively and will also act as moisturizing scrub for face

Cashew Nut Scrub Gently Reduce Acne

Cashew Nuts as the main ingredient:

Nuts are your best friends for life. They are responsible for making your skin smooth and supple along with giving it a natural glow. Derived from the cashew seeds, cashew oil does wonders for your skin. Being rich in selenium, zinc, magnesium, Iron and phosphorous, they are great sources of phyto-chemicals, proteins and antioxidants.

They are known to have anti-inflammatory properties, thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids. A handful of these nuts can boost vitamin B levels that are particularly responsible for boosting your skin health by keeping age related fine lines and wrinkles at bay. Caring for your skin is your basic duty towards it. Offer natural beauty and overall well-being with Mr Nuts Selenium Zinc Cashew Nut Scrub enriched with the goodness of Cashew nuts. You will also get the moisturizing elements like Vitamin E and many essential nutrients. It’s high time that you pay attention to nourish your skin well and that is possible with the natural ingredients. Cashew Nut Scrub hydrating and nourishing face scrub is your daily dose for dull mornings and drowsy evenings.

Benefits Of Cashew Nut Scrub

This moisturizing cashew nut Scrub gently exfoliates to slough off dead cells and dirt, hydrates, heals, and soothes with other hydrating agents as it helps reduce surface acne.

This is the best exfoliating body scrub meant for moisturizing and rejuvenating your skin naturally.

Cashew Nut Scrub Gently Reduce Acne

Keep your skin clean, hydrated and nourished with this facial scrub. It gives your face the daily boost of nuts nourishment and makes it stay healthy, young and radiant.

Mr Nuts Selenium Zinc Cashew Nut Scrub gently gives you softer, smoother skin after just one use while buffing away all your dirt.

Item In Package

1 Jar of Cashew Nut Scrub


7 x 7 x 7 cm


180 gram

We also recommend this Facial Scrub Vitamin-E for better result.


Yes, you can use this scrub for sensitive skin

Yes it can help get rid of acne and other impurities accumulated on your skin.

You should scrub 2-3 times a week.

Although it has moisturizing properties but still you can use moisturizer for your skin.

How To Use

  • Step 1 :Scoop Selenium Zinc Cashew Nut Scrub and apply onto clean & dry skin using your fingers.
  • Step 2 :gently massage the face scrub over your face with wet fingers. 
  • Step 3 : Rinse thoroughly with water and pat dry. Use three times a week as part of your skincare routine or as needed.


  • Because all of our products are made with natural components, the colour and aroma may vary without affecting their performance.
  • We strongly advise performing a patch test to rule out any adverse reactions.
    If you see any signs of an allergic reaction, discontinue using the lotion and see a dermatologist.
  • All photos are for demonstration purposes only; actual outcomes may differ.
  • Keep the product in a cool, dry location.

Cashew nut Have loads of proteins and antioxidants including selenium which is good for your skin

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