Anti Stress Body Wash With Charcoal – 200ml

67 customer reviews

Anti Stress Body Wash cleans and softens skin while rejuvenating and renewing your entire body. Your skin will be soft, smooth, and totally refreshed

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Charcoal Anti Stress Body Wash

In a world with rising urbanization, pollution and environmental changes, stress is a common factor for many of our troubles. It affects our body badly making us feel tired and fatigue. We can experience stress from the environment, the body and thoughts. It causes headaches; dizzy feeling, have less energy but a quick shower can make you feel energetic. Calm your skin by washing away the environmental stressors like dirt & grime with a body wash that is extremely gentle on your body and nourish your skin well. B. King Charcoal Anti Stress Body Wash works gently on sensitive skin, gives you softer, smoother skin after just one shower. B. King Anti Stress Body Wash is made with Charcoal as its main ingredient, helping to minimize skin dryness. Charcoal is a tried and tested cleaning ingredient, known for its unique ability to draw out toxins and purify your body from inside. Say goodbye to dirt and blemishes. Say hello to smooth, revitalized skin. Activated charcoal effectively cleanses the skin, unclogs pores, removes deeper impurities, and dead skin cells. The result is smooth, supple, and even-toned skin. Dirt, toxins, heavy metals, chemicals, and other poisons are attracted to the charcoal molecules and are simply washed away.

Anti Stress Body Wash delivers skin natural nutrients, the mildest and gentlest formulation yet which has got moisturizing properties. Charcoal anti-stress body wash nourish deep into the surface layers of your skin, protects your micro biome, the skin’s living protective layer. The deep moisture nourishing body wash combines multiple vitamins with mild cleansers that help your skin to maintain its natural balance whilst you shower and delivers skin nourishment at the same time. So you can enjoy the rich lather, while it takes care of your skin. Cleanse yourself of the stress with Moringa extract, Cinnamon extract and Orange oil that work together in giving soothing effect.

Benefits Of Charcoal Anti Stress Body Wash

This stress relief body wash has a formula that can help defend against environmental stressors while providing the gentlest care for the most sensitive skin.

Treat your skin to this anti-stress body wash. Infused with the benefits of Moringa and Cinnamon extract, it hydrates the entire body while giving a soothing fresh feel.

Charcoal Anti Stress Body Wash - Beauty Relay India

Made without harsh sulfates that strip away moisture, this energizing body wash features activated charcoal that help detoxify skin, wash away impurities, and protect skin from everyday stress.

It cleans and softens skin while rejuvenating and renewing your entire body. Your skin will be soft, smooth, and totally refreshed.

Item In Package

1 Tube of Charcoal Anti Stress Body Wash


18 cm x 8 cm x 5 cm


200 ml

92% Users Noticed More Stress Free

95% Users Noticed More Clear Skin

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Yes, Charcoal anti stress body wash is a gentle body cleanser that can be used by both men and women.

Yes,  charcoal anti stress is suitable for all seasons and skin types

No, the skin on your face is more sensitive than the rest of your body.

How To Use

  • Step 1 : Wet your skin in the shower
  • Step 2 : Squeeze a small amount of the B. king Charcoal Anti Stress Body Wash enriched with Charcoal onto a wet body sponge, wash cloth or hand and indulge yourself in the fragrant lather
  • Step 3 :Cleanse and then rinse off for a clean, refreshing and anti-stress feeling


  • Because all of our products are made with natural components, the colour and aroma may vary without affecting their performance.
  • We strongly advise performing a patch test to rule out any adverse reactions.
    If you see any signs of an allergic reaction, discontinue using the lotion and see a dermatologist.
  • All photos are for demonstration purposes only; actual outcomes may differ.
  • Keep the product in a cool, dry location.

Activated Charcoal Powder: Removes impurities from your pores; controls skin oil

Charcoal - Beauty Relay India
aloevera - Beauty Relay India

Aloevera Is highly anti-inflammatory and treat dry and dull skin with its high moisturizing properties.

Lemon Oil Has antiseptic, astringent, and detoxifying properties which help brighten and rejuvenate dull skin

Lemon oil - Beauty Relay India
Mulberry Extract - Beauty Relay India

Mulberry Known for beautifully radiant and glowing complexion

Vitamin E Reduce inflammation and make your skin look younger

vitamin e - Beauty Relay India
argan oil - Beauty Relay India

Argan oil Protects from sun damage, has anti-aging effects and lightly moisturize your skin

67 reviews for Anti Stress Body Wash With Charcoal – 200ml

    Ravi Yadav
    April 8, 2022
    Excellent in everything. Quick for body wash.
    April 4, 2022
    Best bodywash with the perfect blend of fragrance and moisturization ❤
    Rajaj G
    April 3, 2022
    Wow, love this charcoal body wash from beauty relay.
    Mohit Sharma
    March 30, 2022
    Don't even think twice while purchasing it. It is the best body wash out there . Saw visible results on the first day itself . Thanks beauty relay for such a nice product .
    March 23, 2022
    Superb body wash with amazing fragrance
    Rittik Soni
    March 21, 2022
    Product is very good i will again buy it next time
    Amitabh Bansal
    March 19, 2022
    #the best one. GO FOR IT it actually cleans deep cleans the body and make us feel refreshed
    Nitin Garg
    March 9, 2022
    Yeah i m using since one month...... Having a nice scent and provide a good body wash......
    March 8, 2022
    Very good smell and cleans your body pretty well..
    Siddhartha Mukharjee
    February 27, 2022
    Mate you didn’t disappoint me. As a first time user am very happy with this. I would like to make monthly subscription but I can’t as I travel a lot. Beauty Relay i will look into your other range of products when I have time. Cheers bud.
    Saurabha Sehgal
    February 25, 2022
    Good product for daily use, it has an awesome fragrance and keeps me fresh throughout the day. An essential for every men
    February 22, 2022
    This body wash i bought for my husband.he loved this wash as it makes his skin smooth, dirt free and keeps him odour free all day long. He feels super refreshing after use😍
    Atul Jain
    February 16, 2022
    This body wash gives good results on regular usage by cleansing deeply.Its fragrance is very good which lasts long.It also detoxify the skin giving smooth skin.worthy to buy this product.
    Vishu Rai
    February 2, 2022
    Beautiful fragrance. Gives a fresh feeling.
    Saurabh Nagar
    January 29, 2022
    Awesome touch..feels so good after applying and very good fragrance.. now I can say that I will stop using soaps.. very long lasting fragrance and feels fresh after bath..packing is attractive..pressing bottle helps to use how much we need to use..good very good product
    January 25, 2022
    Great product and amazing fragrance
    Sarfaraaz Ansari
    January 21, 2022
    No need of body lotion after using the body wash. Go for it if you have a dry and itchy skin
    Sunil Sariwal
    January 12, 2022
    Guys.. it’s a genuine review.. I used the other body wash and then tired this.. I felt both similar way but the difference is the fragrance it gives 😍totally loved it.. worth the money and I found other too costly.. when we have a better product than that why to waste money..
    Shubham Bhatnagar
    January 9, 2022
    Really nice fragrance. This is my second time purchase, first i bought tender coconut flavour. Both are good to use.
    balak kumar
    December 31, 2021
    Awesome product❤️❤️ This body wash is the most effective ones that i used so far. The best part is i could see the tan on my hands n body vanish slowly... 😘👍🏻Great product.. go fot it
    Umesh Benke
    December 23, 2021
    The smell and feel is very good and has decent moisturization in this body wash
    Abhinav Das
    December 23, 2021
    It really as a good odour I prefers it for those who love mild scents
    December 21, 2021
    This is a very good body wash. It moisturizes well:) Overall worth product. Thank you Beauty Relay :)
    December 16, 2021
    Simply wow!! Just love that after shower scent, moisture and freshness.
    Suresh Kumar
    December 12, 2021
    All rounder, just go with blindly people who has dry and itchy skin perfect product
    Parveen Sagar
    December 9, 2021
    This body wash softens my skin, improves my skin texture for good. It smells heavenly and that relieves all my stress. Never expected would smell this great. It does what it says.
    sudanshu mishra
    December 6, 2021
    Nice smell and gives a soft smooth skin
    siddhartha sharma
    November 28, 2021
    Got it on a heft discount which makes it even more worth the money! Because it is the best body wash ever
    Ashish Tiwaria
    November 26, 2021
    It is totally best products so definitely no harmful chemicals
    November 23, 2021
    I recently ordered this body wash. My skin feel moisturized after using this body wash on my skin. It has a wonderful fragrance.
    Akshit Bansari
    November 19, 2021
    The sent is really beautiful, not the artificial scent that sometimes companies try to pass off
    November 13, 2021
    Creamy and lathers well without drying out the skin.
    rajat arora
    November 12, 2021
    I will definitely recommend it .
    November 6, 2021
    Value for money and I'm gonna get the next bottle.
    November 4, 2021
    You just need to apply a small amount and it gives good lather..
    November 3, 2021
    Loved this body wash
    Dilip Kumar Gupta
    October 29, 2021
    Must buy if u love floral fragrances
    October 25, 2021
    Feels Relaxing after every hectic day .... best body wash
    October 19, 2021
    This is my 3rd bottle purchase.... I'm lovin every drop of this luxurious fragrance with moisturizing creamy texture...
    October 14, 2021
    It's also a beauty & health conscious brand so just buy it already. I hope they never stop making this ❤ best body wash
    Zubair Sheikh
    October 7, 2021
    The Body Wash is very moisturizing. A little goes a long way but it's so good that you'll want to keep applying.
    Paras C
    October 4, 2021
    It's scent is heavenly and stays for a longg time.
    bala chandra
    October 1, 2021
    Omg this is the best bodywash ever
    Vikas Singh Signapur
    September 27, 2021
    I love this brand and this fragrance is so gentle and mild. Bought it for the 2nd time. so grab it ASAP
    September 26, 2021
    The indgedients in this body gives a heavenly fragrance and a blissful bathing experience.
    Sagar Rawat
    September 19, 2021
    With mild fragrance and ingredients which are gentle on skin, this body wash lathers well giving you a great bath experience.
    Yashwant Rana
    August 26, 2021
    It also helps skin moisturising in any said climate conditions...
    Raghav Rao
    July 21, 2021
    A perfect recommendation product....
    Vijay Kumar Hooda
    July 17, 2021
    Its value for money and I prefer it over any soap bar as it keeps the body hydrated and moisturized all day long..
    July 15, 2021
    Moisturizer so soft and slimy that you think it's bodily secretion .... good product
    July 12, 2021
    Awaiting a kiss from nature this is the body wash you should be going for.
    July 12, 2021
    An excellent body wash for lush moisture....
    Basant Yadav
    June 28, 2021
    The body wash smells very good although the fragrance doesn't last long. It's extremely good for people with dry skin as it doesn't dry it out further.
    June 24, 2021
    The packing was good. Product received in a good condition!
    June 24, 2021
    Foam lather so awesome .... Saves water I guess
    Ayaan Shah
    June 23, 2021
    Its a totally awesome product, which gives really freshness to body and aroma is also very good.
    Girish Kumar
    May 28, 2021
    I was excited to buy this product, so following is my experience & it sure didnt failed it, best product
    Prem Dabas
    May 23, 2021
    It leaves a wonderful fragrance behind after bath...just a coin size is enough and gives good lather...
    pankaj kumar
    May 21, 2021
    With winter season these days I wanted something that makes me feel fresh as well as keeps my skin moist & nourished so I ordered this body wash..it removes all dust , dirt and makes me feel rejuvenated after every bath..
    Tagum Jamoh
    April 29, 2021
    This body wash has a mild smell but on the whole good product.
    April 21, 2021
    The fragrance is so delicate that only my labrador can smell it .... It's very animal friendly, best body wash
    Shrey Goswami
    March 17, 2021
    Good body wash for tan skin and not too expensive
    Rupak Madhwan
    March 8, 2021
    Best body wash I have ever used
    Priyansh Raj
    February 25, 2021
    The moisturising nature is pretty good, specially for a dry skin person like me !
    satyan datta
    February 12, 2021
    Its a perfect product for daily day uses....
    February 11, 2021
    I find this body wash very good. It's fresh Rosy fragrance which I like most. A little quantity of body wash gives lot's of lather and is sufficient for whole body. It leaves your skin fresh ,moist ,soft and aromatic. It is perfect for all skin types. Above of all it is a vegan product , chemical free ,no parabean ,no sulfates ,no dyes. It is a worth buying product. I am totally satisfied with the body wash and will surely recommend this to my friends and family members.
    Avijit Rajput
    January 21, 2021
    I love the light scent the bodywash leaves on the skin after use. It's quite moisturising as well. Gives the feel of Shea butter at times.
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