Hard Beard Shave Oil With Sesame And Sunflower – 100ml

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Enjoy a refreshing shaving experience with Beard Shave Oil

Do you have dread shaving? Have you been facing trouble to hold your beard? Your solution is Dadhiyal Hard Beard Shaving Oil. It helps in comfortably and easily taking down your facial fur and lets you enjoy a smoother shaving experience along with moisturization. Beard Shave Oil contains different types of oils which gives you a soft and more touchable beard with conditioning. Before rushing to find the best solution to shave easily, you first need to understand the basics. After all, you build a house from the foundation, not from the roof. Discover the reason for your beard and then you will find the best possible solution for shaving your stiff beard off.

Hard Beard Shave Oil With Sesame - Beauty Relay India

Dadhiyal Hard Beard Shave Oil is easy to shave and contains moisturizing agents in the formulation to prevent itching and dandruff. This beard growth oil is used for comfortable shaving. Beard Shave Oil nourishes the skin, hair follicles, keeps the skin healthy and shining. If you have desire for a better shave and razor slip is everything. Reducing the friction between the blade and the skin means reducing irritation and hassle. This hard beard shaving oil allows the razor to slide smoothly over the skin and prevents from razor cuts. Beard Shave Oil removes hair on the skin easily while hydrating and moisturizing the skin.

Benefits Of Hard Beard Shave Oil

This oil spreads throughout your beard and facilitates hydration of skin beneath the beard.

It is the best shaving oil for sensitive skin as it has lightweight formula and is powerful enough to make your beard soft.

Hard Beard Shave Oil With Sesame - Beauty Relay India

It helps to keep your beard conditioned, smooth and soft, while giving it a slight hold.

It stimulates fast growth, strengthens and makes a healthy beard while fighting against itching, dandruff and flakiness.

Item In Package

1 Bottle Of Dadhiyal Hard Beard Shaving Oil


15x 4x 4cm


100 ml

98% Users Noticed More Healthy And Strong Beard

95% Users Noticed That Its Reduce Beard Hair Fall

We also recommend this Beard Wash with Aloevera for better result.


Use it regularly, twice a day for best results.

No, Dadhiyal Hard Beard Shaving Oil is non-sticky, non-greasy, and fast-absorbing. You do not need to wash your face after application.

You can use the Hard Beard Oil at any time of the day.

It may take from 4-8 weeks upon regular usage to show results!

No, it doesn’t cause any type of breakouts instead helps in curing acne with the help of Olive Oil!

How To Use

  • Step 1 : Pour 4-5 drops of beard oil on your palm
  • Step 2 : Massage the oil on your beard for 2-3 minutes
  • Step 3 : Use the wooden comb to style & spread the oil evenly


  • Because all of our products are made with natural components, the colour and aroma may vary without affecting their performance.
  • We strongly advise performing a patch test to rule out any adverse reactions.
    If you see any signs of an allergic reaction, discontinue using the lotion and see a dermatologist.
  • All photos are for demonstration purposes only; actual outcomes may differ.
  • Keep the product in a cool, dry location.

Sunflower oil Helps condition and boost beard hair growth.

sunflower oil - Beauty Relay India
castor oil - Beauty Relay India

Castor oil Has hydrating properties that soothe irritated skin.

Olive oil Rich in fatty acids and vitamin E which are great moisturizers for our skin.

olive oil - Beauty Relay India
cedar wood oil - Beauty Relay India

Cedar wood oil Moisturizes freshly shaved skin and provides a soothing sensation.

Vitamin E Promotes beard growth, gives it a nice shine and acts as an anti-oxidant.

vitamin e - Beauty Relay India

29 reviews for Hard Beard Shave Oil With Sesame And Sunflower – 100ml

    Rajesh Singh
    December 5, 2022
    Long lasting effect...
    Anees Paul
    April 13, 2022
    The best I've come across yet
    Divyansh Gogia
    April 8, 2022
    As someone who has recently taken a fresh interest in wet shaving, learning about it from many different sites and videos, using a pre-shave oil was a considered decision. Of the ones I saw on Beauty Relay, I decided to try the dadhiyal hard beard shave oil for Men. And, so very glad that I did!
    chetan kumar
    April 7, 2022
    Using a shave oil product for the first time. proved helpful in avoiding nicks and cuts
    Mujeebur Rehmaan
    April 5, 2022
    The oil has a beautiful, mild, yet lasting fragrance. It has a thick consistency, and so, just a few drops were needed to cover the entire surface. From the first contact on the skin of my face, it felt good. I took about half a minute to gently massage it in. My skin started to feel better right then.
    Yashwant Vijayran
    March 30, 2022
    Since I'm shaving without pre-shave oil for such a long time, I can instantly feel the smooth skin texture post shaving with this product. Very Nice product loved it.
    manish waghmare
    March 27, 2022
    I never thought such a thing exist or never had such used by any barber I have been to. Until I started exploring myself the different ways of wet shaving and that is when I found dadhiyal hard beard shave oil on Beauty Relay.
    Harsh Nagpal
    March 25, 2022
    It makes the beard nice before shave and also gives a refreshing fragrance.
    Abhijeet Rawat
    March 13, 2022
    Overall it's good
    Yogesh Trivedi
    March 9, 2022
    Initially i was skeptical looking at all the 5-star reviews. But it turns out product is actually good. This is my first time trying a pre-shave oil as I've started wet shaving. Never had my skin felt so smooth and supple after the shave. No razor nicks or burns.
    Chandra Shekhar Sehpati
    March 4, 2022
    Ishank Soni
    February 26, 2022
    It is worth for money and with help of filler very easy to use. I used for hardness of beard. After applying the oil i feel freshness
    Saurabh Arya
    February 25, 2022
    Its just the best in its class
    Debangshu Mishra
    February 17, 2022
    At first I was not sure about this product after receiving it when I try. It's awesome. Scented shave oil. More than what I expected
    Byomakesh Patra
    February 12, 2022
    Best product
    Anil Prajapati
    February 11, 2022
    It's scent and texture is awesome I applied a little bit of oil on my beard and I loved it
    Akshay Ranganathan
    February 7, 2022
    Nice product. Just in few days, my beard looks shiny and well maintained. Awesome product by Beauty Relay
    Shivam Bhargawa
    January 24, 2022
    This product is different from other similar products . Due to its oil it is quite easy to use on beard.
    Vinay Meena
    January 20, 2022
    I have used few days and the result of it started showing after 3-4 days, the fragrance is also nice. Value for money.
    January 19, 2022
    Shave Oil is really a strong like material. After drying too this the beard remains intact, work on my hair so definitely a goto for folks with hard hairs.
    Rahul Pawar
    January 12, 2022
    Good product. Good quality
    Shreyas Jadhav
    January 10, 2022
    Would love to shop again best product for hard beard
    Chandan Kumar
    January 3, 2022
    I love the product and its packaging. The scent they used is awesome. Best product used till date.
    December 26, 2021
    Very strong & high quality shave oil for hard beard
    Piyush Jha
    December 21, 2021
    Definitely a good grooming product.
    Sudeep Ranjan Kundu
    December 18, 2021
    Nice oil.easily washable,what they are saying,actually do.worth buy
    Prajwal Dabra
    December 3, 2021
    Nice product loved it
    Ashish Arora
    November 23, 2021
    Very nice product better then products from other brands...must buy product over others..... absolutely I have never thought of that..better thanx BEAUTY RELAY ..... Cheers!!!
    Madar Gawade
    November 22, 2021
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