Moustache Wax for Soft, Shiny And Healthy Beard – 25g

21 customer reviews

A Moustache Wax should act more like a conditioner, taming the wild curls and random growth of your facial hair & this wax does the same for your beard.

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Natural Strong Hold Moustache Wax

Moustache wax is a sticky substance used to shape moustache hair and give it a smooth look that lasts all day and helps to shape your moustache into a work of art. It makes your moustache looks in direction and gives you the confidence to keep on flaunting. This moustache wax for men will hydrate and condition not only your beard but the skin under it too. Moustache wax is stiff pomade applied to a moustache as a grooming aid to hold the hairs in place, especially at the extremities. The required product strength is based on whisker length and the desired style. This compound is usually made from beeswax and gives it high retention. Often mixed with a variety of oils, the wax is easy to handle and has a pleasant scent. Mustache wax helps keep stubborn and bristle beards in place. It usually contains nutritious beeswax and oil to soften and strengthen each strand. Combined with a properly trimmed mustache, you’re ready to change your beard from good to great. With proper mustache care and high-quality mustache wax such as primary and secondary mustache waxes, you can wax your mustache every day. Mustache wax is designed for mustache styling and conditioning. And with Dadhiyal Mustache Wax, that’s easy. The natural ingredients in the formulation provide a more natural look. Men’s mustache wax usually moisturizes and conditions rough hair while keeping your mustache in place all day long.

Moustache Wax for Soft - Beauty Relay India

Moustache wax is designed to help style and nourish your moustache. And it’s easy with Dadhiyal Moustache Wax. The natural ingredients present in the formulation provide more of natural look. The men’s moustache wax will keep your moustache fixed in place all day long, and it’ll moisturize and neaten hair that’s usually coarser in nature. You don’t have to fly solo when it comes to maintaining your beard and mustache. There are just too many grooming products out in the market which can help you with the daily task of keeping your facial hair looking good. Especially Dadhiyal Moustache Wax! It is the best way that enables your facial hair to reach its full potential. This wax is part of a multi-faceted approach to your beard and mustache grooming.

Benefits Of Moustache Wax

Keep your mustache healthy and in good condition.

By moisturizing the skin under the beard, it reduces dandruff and itching.

moustache wax - Beauty Relay India

The thick texture keeps the unruly mustache hair in the same direction.

It acts more like a conditioner and provides immense hydration.

Item In Package

1 Small Jar Of Dadhiyal Moustache Wax


5 x 5 x 5 cm


25 g

96% Users Noticed More Healthy And Strong Beard

92% Users Noticed Better Beard Growth

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The mustache waxes are beeswax based. When you open your moustache wax tin, you’ll see the wax with very hard consistency.

It contains nourishing beeswax, oil that helps to soften and strengthen each strand

You can absolutely wax your moustache every day.

Vitamin B7, it promotes the synthesis of keratin which is a hair protein.

How To Use

  • Step 1 : Take a little bit of Dadhiyal Moustache Waxon your palms
  • Step 2 : Massage the wax on your beard for 2-3 minutes
  • Step 3 : Style your moustache and beard as per your wish.


  • Because all of our products are made with natural components, the colour and aroma may vary without affecting their performance.
  • We strongly advise performing a patch test to rule out any adverse reactions.
    If you see any signs of an allergic reaction, discontinue using the lotion and see a dermatologist.
  • All photos are for demonstration purposes only; actual outcomes may differ.
  • Keep the product in a cool, dry location.

Castor Oil Contains antioxidants that fight free radicals in your skin.

castor oil - Beauty Relay India
Beeswax - Beauty Relay India

Beeswax Creates a protective layer on the skin.

Hemp Seed Oil Perfect for most skin types as it can moisturize without clogging your pores

Hemp Seed Oil - Beauty Relay India
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Vitamin-E Increases blood circulation and it helps condition hair

21 reviews for Moustache Wax for Soft, Shiny And Healthy Beard – 25g

    Venkat Kotapalli
    April 12, 2022
    It makes the beard nice and also gives a refreshing fragrance.
    Rajat Arora
    April 7, 2022
    Overall it's good,
    sudesh k jain
    March 30, 2022
    March 23, 2022
    Its just the best in its class
    Vidit Shah
    March 22, 2022
    It is worth for money and with help of filler very easy to use. I used for dryness of beard. After applying the wax i feel freshness
    Vikram A
    March 17, 2022
    At first I was not sure about this product after receiving it when I try. It's awesome. Scented beard wax. More than what I expected
    March 16, 2022
    Good product
    Kaushik Advidya
    March 12, 2022
    It's scent and texture is awesome I applied a little bit of oil on my beard and I loved it
    Ananth Ramchandran
    March 9, 2022
    Nice product. Just in few days, my beard looks shiny and well maintained. Awesome product by Beauty Relay
    Feroz Khan
    March 5, 2022
    This product is different from other similar products . Due to its wax it is quite easy to use on beard.
    Deepank Raizada
    February 26, 2022
    I have used few days and the result of it started showing after 3-4 days, the fragrance is also nice. Value for money.
    Atul K Kansara
    February 22, 2022
    Beard wax is really a strong like material. After drying too this the beard remains intact, work on my hair so definitely a goto for folks with dry beard.
    February 19, 2022
    Good product. Good quality
    rakesh madaan
    February 14, 2022
    Very strong & high quality beard wax
    Rishi C
    February 13, 2022
    I love the product and its packaging. The scent they used is awesome. Best product used till date. Would love to shop again
    Dr. Basant Kumar Singh
    February 2, 2022
    Definitely a good grooming product
    Ibraham k sayed
    January 27, 2022
    Nice wax .easily washable,what they are saying,actually do.worth buy
    January 27, 2022
    Nice product loved it
    Shankar Goswami
    January 20, 2022
    Long lasting effect...
    Naman Chawla
    January 19, 2022
    Ramesh Reddy
    January 12, 2022
    Very nice product better then products from other brands...must buy product over others..... absolutely I have never thought of that..better thanx BEAUTY RELAY ..... Cheers!!!
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